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Products and solutions for chemical and food companies


Specializing in the processing of plastics, design and manufacture of special equipment, namely complete flue gas removal systems, heat exchangers made of PVC with PVDF coil, SKID-mounted to meet specific design and process, oil separators, filter units, on-site maintenance and general repairs service.
The construction of special equipment requires a careful and thorough design and development process. During this phase, specifications and requirements are identified to ensure proper functioning and adaptability to different needs. Next comes manufacturing and assembly, where high-quality techniques and materials are used to ensure strength and long-term life.
Before launching special equipment on the market, it is essential to conduct testing and quality control to ensure it is safe and effective. Therefore, it is necessary to provide maintenance and technical support to guarantee the proper functioning over time.


In addition to the supply of individual components, we design and build complete plants for the treatment of both chemicals and water. These types of installations are skid-mounted, designed and built according to specific customer requirements, and can be made of either stainless steel, iron painted or plastic-coated frames. Complete with pumps, tanks, agitators, filters, exchangers and plant equipment and electrical switchboard on request.


Made of plastic material, heat exchangers are custom designed and developed in accordance with the customer’s technical requirements. Made of PP, PE, PVDF and PVC for the heating and cooling of fluids.


Industrial pumps operating in corrosive environments are subject to a number of issues due to the aggressive conditions under which they work. To address these problems, Darimpianti carefully selects the pumps and materials appropriate to the type of corrosive fluids existing in the working environment, including taking preventive measures such as corrosion protection, regular monitoring and routine maintenance.


Persistent exposure to corrosive chemicals can cause damage to the pump casing. Corrosion can erode the internal and external surfaces of pumps, thereby reducing their efficiency and life span.

Accelerated wear

The corrosive action of fluids can accelerate the wear of pump moving parts, such as shafts, bearings, and seals. This can lead to reduced performance and frequent maintenance or replacement of parts.


Corrosion of seals and gaskets can cause leakage of fluids. Leaks not only result in lost material, but also result in contamination of the surrounding environment or cause damage to adjacent equipment.


Corrosive substances can affect the tightness of pump connections and joints. This can lead to pressure loss or unwanted air ingress, thereby compromising the efficiency of the pumping system.


Some corrosive substances can form solid deposits or precipitate that can clog the pipes and the internal components of pumps, which can reduce the flow of fluids and block or interrupt pump operation.

Material Compatibility

Incorrect material selection or choosing materials that are not fully compatible with the fluids can still lead to corrosion problems or undesirable chemical reactions.


Industrial liquid filtering systems for the removal of contaminating components.



Engineering design of a single component or entire turnkey systems.

Custom-made items

Dedicated workshop for the production of customised parts in all types of materials.


Routine and extraordinary maintenance service on all plants and their components.


Construction and maintenance of various types of production systems.


With the expertise acquired in the field of corrosive and toxic vapour abatement, Nuova Darimpianti can meet all kinds of requirements and provide customers with a customized all-round service, from design to production and final installation. The systems comply with current environmental regulations and meet the technical requirements in terms of the best available air purification technology. Nuova Darimpianti makes different types of towers, including the static-bed and floating-bed type.


Reinforced polypropylene tanks with large-capacity steel frames that are particularly suitable for the containment of highly corrosive liquids.



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